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Overview of Great Falls

Great Falls is known as the "Electric City" of Montana due to electricity production from the power plants and dams present on its Missouri River. This community is enriched with historical values, excellent recreational, traditional, and cultural facilities for its residents. Whenever you get a chance to visit this city, make sure to visit the reflecting landscape of the buffalo, grizzly bear, Lewis and Clark, and the historical first nation’s people. Several industries contribute to the economic growth of this region, such as health care, retail, tourist accommodations, and related businesses. Our website gives you the freedom to check the contact information of everything that resides in the region.

Great Falls is also a central area of tourist attractions. Its common tourist spots are C.M Russell Museum, Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center, The Children’s Museum of Montana, and Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art. People that have a deep interest in paintings and sculpture will find locations of interest worth visiting in Great Falls.

Great Falls’ Economy

The economic status of Great Falls city is increasing over time. Though the current unemployment rate is 4.2%, there is still a chance of a 22.3% increment in job opportunities in the next ten years. The annual income of a resident is approximately $24,733. The average household income of a family is $43,474 per annum. The largest industries in Great Falls are related to health care, tourist related businesses and retail. Contact information of businesses that operate in Great Falls can be accessed at

Education in Great Falls

The educational system of this city is also robust. Great Falls educates its students in various public and private schools based on 15 pupils per teacher. Besides this, students are adequately counseled to pursue future endeavors. Libraries are available to fulfill the thirst for knowledge. A counselor provides their services to 383 children, while a librarian serves 424 students. Great Falls Public Schools, Great Falls College MSU, and the University of Providence are well known local educational institutes. You can get the contact information for these institutions from

Art and Culture of Great Falls

The outstanding beauty of arts and culture is manifested in the museums and galleries of the city. Many paintings and sculptures of American Western Art are showcased in such artistic places. Some such contemporary art centers are Galerie Trinitas, Wrangler Gallery, Malmstrom Museum and Air Park, Montana Veterans Memorial, and First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park. Above all, these dams, rivers, museums, and art galleries increase the importance of this city. All the basic amenities of Great Falls make it a great place to live. If you want to contact different travel agents to book or acquire tickets for any specific event, you may check our website to get contact numbers.

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